Happy New Years

Best Wishes for a wonderful New Year.

Every great day starts with a great cheer for you. Now your ready to applaud others and be there biggest fan today!

Want to thank my wonderful staff for not only the great work and efforts they put forth in the last year. Also for the great work they continue doing in the winter.

We had a very challenging first event of the season and the staff performed admirably. It always amazes me the courages efforts they put in during the worst conditions. Driving vehicles and equipment along snow and ice covered roadways, just to get to the site!

I recently took a course on Salt Management and the speaker made a wonderful observation. He thinks that winter maintenenace staff should be looked at with a similar regard as firefighters. He felt the conditions and the parameters and expectations put on equipment and staff is physically and mentally challenging to say the least.

We now begin design preperations for the National Home Show coming in March. This will be our first show. We will focusing on sustainable material and landscapes.

Also, continuing to grow our Pool division. Posting pictures to the blog in the near future.

Cheers everyone



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Zone 6 Plant Recommendations – Blue Daisies & Cannas

Blue Daisies –

Felicia amelloides (Blue daisy) Felicia amelloides (Blue daisy)

Native to the Cape region of South America, this plant is used to being grown in very dry and sandy coastal habitats. This makes it very durable as well as being able to adapt to drought conditions. This plant also has a long blooming period, from spring through to fall, which also makes it a reliable garden plant. In regions with varying temperatures, this plant can also be grown in buckets so it can be grown indoors during the winter.

Cannas –

Canna (Canna)Canna (Canna)

These are tropical plants but are very popular in temperate gardens. The leaves of the canna plant are very similar to the leaves of banana plant, which makes them fairly durable plants. This is a great plant for arrangements containing bold, striking colours of plants. These plants are often grown annually in cold climates, growing indoors for the winter seasons. The normal blooming period for these plants is early summer to early fall.

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Zone 6 Plant Recommendations – Angelonia & Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia)

These two plants are great for zone 6 (Southern Ontario) because of the ability to grow in many different conditions.

Angelonia –

Angelonia angustifolia (Angelonia)Angelonia angustifolia (Angelonia)

The Angelonia is a great plant for an annual garden in varying temperature climates. It is native in Mexico, Central America and the West Indies, but has become an extremely popular plant for gardens around the world. These are very durable and long-lasting plants, great for many floral arrangements. This plant blooms from mid-summer through to early fall.

Black Eyed Susan –

Rudbeckia (Black eyed susan) ()

The Black Eyed Susan is one of the most popular and dependable plants for wildflower gardens or mixed flowering borders as well. These plants are known for growing very well under many differnt growing conditions. This plant normally blooms from early summer through to mid-fall.

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Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day Flowers


                Flowers are one of the most important gifts to give on Mother’s day to show your love and affection. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right flowers and arrangements to give to our mothers. These are some helpful tips to help you decide on which flowers to pick for your mother.

                The most common flower used for Mother’s Day arrangements is the pink rose. This is because it symbolizes much appreciation and admiration. Another emotion to symbolize would be love. There are many different flowers to help show your love. Some of these are Pink Larkspurs, Single Stem Red Roses and Asters along with many other flowers. Other good flowers to choose would be daffodils to symbolize respect, Lilies of the Valley as a symbol of sweetness, as well as Yellow Lilies to represent happiness. Although, the most important selection would have to be pink carnations. These are the ultimate flowers to be offered as well as worn. Another common flower that is worn is a white carnation if your mother has passed away.

                Another important aspect of Mother’s Day flowers is the arrangement. This can become quite complicated so here are some tips to help arrange your flowers for Mother’s Day. For most basket arrangements, mixing different shades of pink and purple flowers is very popular. These colours are very fresh. Flowers like pink lilies or pink tulips with blue iris’ with greenery surrounding looks very nice. Another great colour for arrangements is yellow. Spring yellow roses, yellow tulips and Peruvian yellow lilies will make a beautiful arrangement. A third arrangement could be peach roses surrounded by daffodils which will surely brighten any mothers’ day.

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